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Chasing Water Falls At Sipi | Travel With Enock & Jaqi (Episode 4)

Chasing Water Falls At Sipi | Travel With Enock & Jaqi (Episode 4)

Travel With Enock & Jaqi

This week on #TravelWithEnocknJaqi, we go to the land of the champions…Sipi

√ We take you on a room tour at Sipi Falls Lodges

√…and for the Foodies, we go Ethiopian.


#TravelWithEnockNJaqi is a new TV travel show featuring the places and the people that make each of our destinations unique.

We will show you where to go, what to do and how to do it. Fun & positive entertainment is the theme of every episode – featuring local music, sports & activities, local flavors and much more.

Travel With Enock & Jaqi, not only takes you to fabulous places, but we will give you an insider’s look into each of our featured locations.

Join hosts and travel couple; Enock & Jaqi as they take you to amazing destinations and introduce you to some of each region’s local residents who define that area’s personality and culture.

We will take the best of our favorite show episodes and add our own fun and positive spin!

Travel With Enock & Jaqi is your window to your next vacation!

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About The TV Travel Show:

Travel With Enock & Jaqi is a community-based travel TV Show that features a variety of different travel content, from personal travel stories to travel/hospitality brand stories.


Purposeful Travel And Meaningful Storytelling

Target Audience:

English speaking youth and adults aged between 25 and 55 (couples & families)

Our target audience shares the same interests and values:


√ Improve on self-esteem

√ Fun and Entertainment

√ Traveling with purpose (Transformational Travel)

√ The love to travel and share experiences


Our travels have intent, beyond fulfilling a bucket-checklist. We strive to move deeper than first impressions — to meet and understand real people and embrace unfamiliar places. We celebrate those who are conscious of the world around them and who understand the way they influence it.


To tell real, compelling stories about people and places around Uganda; to turn the conversation away from things, and back towards experiences – to share the transformative power of travel, and to inspire purpose-driven experiences with every story we share.


Enock Nsubuga

The VaalGuide

Tel: 077-2-987442



Magic1 Television, Enock & Jaqi YouTube Channel and

About Enock and Jaqi:

Enock and Jaqi (, are a social travel couple and content creators from Uganda – into helping travel and hospitality brands tell their stories

Here are case studies about our recent campaigns;

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Our Social Channels;

1. Facebook page; Enock & Jaqi –…

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