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Streaming from the heart of Vaal, Three Rivers, South Africa, African Crest Radio’s main format is Popular Music, including Rock and Pop and also Soul, Reggae, Rap, Hip Hop and Dance music. Our program also features Techno, Electronica, Trance, Jazz, Gospel, Indie Music and Electro Pop music. Recording artists from the aforementioned genres are encouraged to Submit Music for airplay consideration. We reserve the right to determine if your music will match our music needs and we will consider your music for playlisting if your song matches our format and if the quality (artistic + production) is good. So, please submit your best material & make sure that all songs are censored :: music@africancrestradio.com

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  • Sir Charles

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Sir CharlesOccupation: Soulful House

    Best Known For

    Charles "Sir Charles Mixin" Dixon has long been a force behind syndicated mixshows, radio programming and record promotions and artist development. Not only is he one of the music industry's most celebrated pioneers, he is also one of the most dedicated. With over two decades of experience under his belt, Charles continues doing the daily grind, even working on Sundays because as he puts it plainly, "everyone else is still sleeping". As a result of his intense work ethic and infinite drive, Charles is a bonafide triple threat - a successful music exec producer, DJ, and promoter/consultant. The first R&B mixer ever to join Music Choice, Charles continues to satisfy the satellite television channel’s 56 million potential music-starved listeners with The R&B/Hip-Hop Mixtape, his self-produced weekly music series. Now in its twelfth year, The R&B/Hip-Hop Mixtape's blend of R&B and hip-hop has garnered rave reviews from fans around the world.

    As the founder of Sir Charles Independent Productions, he markets and promotes music by a wide range of artists from Grammy Award-winning producer Kay Gee (Zhane) to R&B/pop songstress Beyonce. And if that isn't enough, Charles keeps his ear to the streets and tests out new music every weekend visiting clubs and lounges like his former club, the Coffee Shop Lounge, one of New York City's trendy hot spots.

    But this successful career didn't blossom overnight. It all started back in 1983 when Charles was an engineering student at the University of Maryland, College Park. He was inspired by a combination of Grand Master Flash's hip-hop sound and the house music of O'Dell's, a local Baltimore club that rivaled New York City's infamous night spot, The Garage.

    Dixon began DJing at parties around campus under the moniker "Sir Charles". His DJ name was initially meant to describe his preppy British style, which featured his signature tweed blazers and horn-rimmed glasses. However, after his fellow students heard him spin, "Sir Charles" came to denote his royal turntable skills. He had a knack for mixing the current hits with refreshing new songs, while never missing a beat.

    In 1985, Sir Charles secured a position as Assistant Urban Pool Director at OMAP Record Pool, where he reviewed and compiled the charts of 75 of the hottest DJs that played over 10 different formats in the Washington DC area. This was more than just a job to pay for school books and preppy clothing. Sir Charles was laying the groundwork for a successful career in making and breaking records.

    Two years later, he began DJing at a new local club called The Dome. Using the information he gathered as a chart editor, he implemented a format which would go on to change the sound of Washington DC. As the head DJ at the new nightspot, Sir Charles encompassed sounds of hip-hop, R&B, Pop, Dance, go-go, and house music, creating an unparalleled style that appealed to the masses. Under the guise of Dixon, The Dome was named Night Club of the Year by Washingtonian Magazine, a mere six months from its opening night. Dixon also captured the attention of Albie D, the new Music Director of WPGC-FM, who felt that if Sir Charles could bring his wide audience to the station, he would helm their take-over of the DC market. As Charles remembers, "He invited me to do a live mix on the air and the rest was history. I used my multi-musical format of go-go, rap, R&B, Latin freestyle, house, hi-energy, techno and 70's & 80’s classics, for a live five hour mixshow." Sir Charles' record pool connections allowed him to compete effortlessly with other radio stations, as he had access to new records long before they received them. He introduced WPGC listeners to British imports like Soul to Soul's "Keep On Moving", Lisa Stanfield's "All Around the World"and Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” before they were released in the states. Sir Charles had carte blanche at WPGC and was able to get these international hits added to the station in regular rotation. Sir Charles hosted the first primetime mixshow on a commercial station during the highly coveted 7pm-midnight timeslot and after only three short years, his distinctive style helped take WPGC from number 22 to number 1 on the highly regarded Arbitron chart.

    WPGC's mixshow format was ultimately copied by over 40 stations including KBXX in Houston, KPWR in Los Angeles, and WQHT in New York. It was time for Sir Charles to take on the Big Apple. In 1993, he brought his innovative sound to WBLS, the leading urban station at the time. Dixon quickly made believers out of everyone who thought his blend style wouldn't work in the New York market. His show, "The Thunderstorm" was the first to put classic jams like Zhane’s “Hey Mr DJ”, Brandy’s ”I Wanna Be Down”, "Believe In Love" by Teddy Pendergrass and "Treat U Right" by Angela Winbush in a mixshow with current hip-hop and R&B records. During his tenure at the station, Charles was also responsible for bringing Grandmaster Flash, the DJ he credits for inspiring him to spin, to WBLS.

    As his DJ career was coming full circle, Sir Charles was taking on radio promotions. With his record pool background, he understood how important the DJs were in the development of an artist's career. Charles brought his expertise to several major record labels, including Tommy Boy Records (1990), where he created and implemented their first mixshow mailing list, which was the first list ever established in the music industry.

    Sir Charles' next goal was to tackle the internet. Recognizing the lack of an urban music presence on the web, he was invited to developed "88 Soul", an hour-long R&B spin off of 88HipHop.com. The show ran for a little over a year, going live every Wednesday night with Canadian supermodel Wendy Brooks and vocalist Renee of the R&B duo Zhane serving as hosts.

    Dixon continued to keep his finger on the Trans-Atlantic music pulse, programming and mixing shows for Choice 96.9 FM in London and Music Choice UK and US, the premiere satellite television channel in America. At the same time, Sir Charles held key record label positions, serving as head of DJ Promotions at TVT Records and later as Senior
    Director of Mixshow Promotions at Columbia Records. In 2003, he decided to take the entrepreneurial leap and start his own production and promotions company. His services are now available to all record labels through Sir Charles Independent Productions (SCIP).

    In May of 2005, Dixon discovered Australian talent Che'Nelle and signed her to his production company SCIP Records. It wasn't long before Dixon's contact at Virgin records, Steve Tramposch, set up a meeting for him with the new CEO, Jason Flom. Jason closed a deal with Dixon for Che'Nelle in one week! In February of 2006, Dixon's deal with Virgin records was official and "Things Happen For A Reason", Che'Nelle's debut LP was in production.

    In August of 2007, the album was released internationally and sold successfully in Japan, Europe, and South East Asia.


    Sir Charles Mix // Sundays // 17:00 PM - 18:00 PM CAT


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: DJ RONNIEOccupation: HOUSE

    Best Known For



    MZANSI MIX // FRIDAYS // 20H00-21H00 CAT


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: JAZZY PETEOccupation: JAZZ

    Best Known For

    Dj JazzyPete International touring Dj , Music Promoter and music mixer / producer . Dj JazzyPete is also the presenter of the popular Soultram Show which is played on radio stations world wide each week . Dj JazzyPete playing the best in Soulful African House , Neo Soul, R &B and more


    THE SOULTRAM // 18H00-20H00 CAT


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: CRISTIAN MARCHIOccupation: EDM

    Best Known For

    Born in Mantova (Italy) on 31st of March 1976, Cristian Marchi performed for the first time when he was only fourteen. He endorses Pioneer DJ, a brand that’s reference for international clubbing scene and the his dj sets and his productions have a personal sound often called “perfect mix”.
    Among the firsts to use social networks to stay in touch with who loves his music Youtube has millions of views, on Facebook (he has about 300.000 fans), he recently opened for Vasco Rossi, the biggest Italian rockstar. In January 2013 House Victim, his podcast / radio show has reached the top of iTunes Italia (Top episodes Music e Top Podcast Music) and it’s broadcasted by many radios all around the world.

    Thanks to the success of his productions, in recent years he has performed in countries like Italy, France, Spain, Croatia, Greece (mostly Mykonos), Switzerland, Poland, Corea and Australia. His tracks and his remixes, always characterized by contagious energy and are supported by dj’s, radios and music channels all over the world.

    “We Are Perfect”, his first hit, was released 2007 and his first album, out in 2011 on Universal Music, has the same title. It contains succesful remixes and singles that marked his career: tracks as “Love Sex American Express”, which even today is a slogan by thousands of youths and a reference for many dj’s. Among the hits of Cristian Marchi there are: “Feel the Love” (2008) released for the project Marchi’s Flow and produced with Paolo Sandrini, “I got you”, sung by Max’C, “I Got My Eye On You”, interpreted by popstar Luciana and co-produced with Nari & Milani , and “U got me Rocking” produced with Syke’n’Sugastarr and sung by captivating Lisa Millett. In summer 2013 came out “Let’s F**k Feat. Max’C”, that reached the top of the charts in Spain, France, Poland and in Italy, followed by another hit, “One Night” (Spring 2014).


    House Victim // Saturdays // 16H00-17H00 CAT


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: JesOccupation: EDM

    Best Known For

    It is a commonly held belief that leaders are born, not made. If this is true, then JES’ position in the world of EDM can only be described as her birth right.

    In a world where few have the vision, creativity and will power to carve their own distinct niche JES has excelled in exactly that. One voice and vision that has forged a career path that is often imitated, but rarely equaled. JES’ extraordinary voice and passionate songwriting has won her the respect and adoration of both the music fans and industry across the globe, releasing songs with the very cream of the international EDM crop.

    This chart topping, award winning New Yorker has packed four solo albums, two Billboard #1 singles, international touring and countless superstar DJ collaborations into five short years as a solo artist. Since her legendary release “As The Rush Comes” with Motorcycle redefined the landscape of EDM, JES has propelled an unending stream of solo hit songs and collaborations with a who’s who of the worlds most prominent DJ’s including TIesto, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Above & Beyond, Kaskade, BT, Richard Durand, Cosmic Gate and Roger Shah. JES has collected awards from the prestigious International Dance Music Awards at Miami’s WMC, The ISC (International Songwriting Competition ‘08’ 09 and ‘10) and topped Billboard’s “Most Played Dance Songs of the Decade” chart (2000-2010). Her tours have touched the shores of 6 continents with landmark shows at international events such as the Beijing Summer Olympics.

    Always seeking out a new path, JES added DJ’ing to her legendary performances and launched a hit weekly mix show and a comp album franchise to support it. “Unleash The Beat” has enjoyed runaway success syndicating worldwide on over 60 stations in 18 short months of broadcast. Dj’ing has also become a central part of JES’ live show where she mixes while she sings, once again leading a new revolution in EDM performance culture. “Music has been a big part of my life for so long it’s hard to imagine a day without it. It’s always been about being true to one's self, and that honesty will resonate with somebody out there. Every day I read messages and posts from people that have felt something from my music and that’s what pushes me on and keeps me going when things get tough. Knowing that you’re not alone, that someone else out there understands what you’re feeling right now.”

    Since being signed by Tiesto to his (then) own label “Black Hole Recordings / Magik Muzik” in 2007 JES’ career has developed at a dizzying pace. Tour performances across the globe with every major club brand combined with collaborative and solo chart and dance floor success have enabled JES to stay one step ahead in a genre that can sometimes seem overcrowded. It is said that if you want to know the future then look to the stars. In this case it would seem, never was a truer word spoken.


    Unleash The Beat // Saturdays // 21H00-22H00 CAT

    KP London

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: KP LondonOccupation: EDM

    Best Known For

    (1998) KP joined a nightclub promotion company "Illegal Sound Crew" in hopes of getting closer to the dance music scene, but he found the enticing path for his future career in Radio from the host of the event from local radio station "HITS" 103.5 FM.

    "I would listen to Hammer's radio show before all my events, this dudes show was just wicked, the interaction with listeners his personality made it exciting to be part of the magic that's radio. After his On-Air shift he would show up to my events and MC, he got such an amazing reaction when live,
    I wanted all of that."

    While promoting KP gets a small gig with radio station "POWER" 88.5 FM and happy to be part of anything that had to do with radio he took the gig with no pay, the following year through his schools intern program he exercised the opportunity to spend his days at Z103.5 CIDC FM volunteering in the promotions department, fetching coffee, pulling music, looking up headlines, listening learning from announcers like Matt Wreggitt and this is what became the blue print for his next move.

    In (2003) KP London graduated from his Radio & Television program and armed with his first demo he started canvasing available radio jobs...
    "Where didn’t I drive to, my first attempt was 3 hours north of Toronto a small city called Sudbury. I drove up in a Dodge Neon praying it wouldn’t die on me, I still have the pictures standing by the highway sign."

    He also tried his luck in Niagara Falls, Ottawa, London Ontario and others, but to his disappointment all turned him down due to lack of on-air experience


    Feel Radio Show // Fridays // 21H00-23H00 CAT

  • Jaq Deweyi

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Jaq DeweyiOccupation: Contemporary African Music

    Best Known For

    JAQ Deweyi is a Ugandan-based singer and song writer influenced by Contemporary African Musicians like Brenda Fassie and Angélique Kidjo. JAQ recorded her first single; “Oukwamunabi” early 2013 and released it April 26, 2013.

    2013 was not a bad year for the singer and song writer, she released her first single in Kampala’s No. 1 night spot; Govnor, went on to have her first live performance and first professional performance ever at the Black Gold Nights at Sheraton Kampala Hotel, released her second single in July 12, 2013. To crown it all, she released Yolele – Christmas Is Here, a Christmas song that was defined as a “fitting Christmas Carol” by Daily Monitor. “It is a song that easily relates with the times, and passes as a fitting Christmas carol.”

    Outside studio, JAQ is a Radio Presenter, actress and now a TEDx Speaker.


    Host of UG256 // Fridays // 19H00-20H00 CAT

    Sole Essential

    Quick Facts

    Nick Name: Sole EssentialPlace Of Birth: South AfricaOccupation: House Music

    Best Known For

    Sole Essential is the most well-known pseudonym of South African born Record Producer / Radio Personality / Remixer Luther Lempe.

    Under a plethora of other monikers, Luther launched his career in 2010 when he featured on, legendary dj/producer, Julius Papp’s hit single, “Dame Mas 2010/Dub stylee” since then he has been carving a name for himself.

    Luther considers his ‘’big break’’ to have come in February 2010, by composing for what’s now known as the biggest Africa-owned music library in the world, Lalela Music. Working with some of the biggest Television Stations and movie production companies in the world, (specifically in Africa, America & Asia), the young composer felt it ready to grow his brand, globally, and also introduce himself as an equally talented dj.

    Determined to prove his dj skills to a global audience, Luther sought to find the right platform which presented itself in the form of a feature on one of Ibiza’s biggest house music site, Ibiza House Music (IHM). Being the “go getter & ultimate opportunist” that he is (as described by – Alan Lazar, Lalela Music CEO), it was only befitting that he agree.

    Luther Lempe currently holds residency on South African radio station – African Crest Radio. In the meantime he has been working on a handful of remixes for various recording labels such as Solid Ground Recordings (which has a catalogue of releases that feature artists such as Reelsoul, Carlos Vargas, Jonny Montana, Danny Clark, Groove Assasin and Nicole Mitchell, to name but a few), CX Records, New Generation Record, Daddy Funk Records, SG Music, MuSol Recordings, Open Bar Music, Soul Candi Records.

    Luther Lempe hopes his talents as a Music Producer will be recognised both locally and internationally; and looks forward to entertaining the crowds all around the world.


    Host of Chilled Sundays - Every Sunday afternoon 2PM - 4PM CAT

    African Crest Radio

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: African Crest RadioOccupation: Radio Station

    Best Known For

    treaming 24/7, African Crest Radio (ACR) is a South Africa-based radio station that currently offers broadcast services via the internet to a worldwide audience. ACR specializes in current popular music and other entertainment throughout the day. The radio station features a diverse selection of tracks across genres both popular and on the fringes, with dedicated shows towards different forms of dance, lounge, soul, hip hop, and house music, among others.


  • I’m very excited about the future of ACR and equally excited about the new line-up, as well as the new additions to our incredible team.

    Sole Essential

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